Sunday, 22 October 2017

Body of Evidence - Body of Jewellery = TÓPOS* Art Collective.

Central photo above: "Mastic Tears Are Forever" the exhibition of rings and pendants, by Drossia Gallimana: mastic tree wood carving, mastic gum drops stone setting.

For more specific info on the exhibition and contacts for buyers, get updated by visiting the official TÓPOS site:

A topographic journey through the landscape* of contemporary Greek jewellery and ceramics, took place last weekend at six d.o.g.s Project space, in downtown Athens, Greece. Design, arts and crafts united and depicted the essential notions of homeland, of familiar space, of personal memory, of country and origins. Six! female makers originated from different emotional, academic and technical backgrounds also united to create a private, yet open, platform of contemporary hellenic jewellery in order to redefine the meta-data of the craft, today and tomorrow.
The combination of various techniques and styles, having roots in their very same locality geographically - pinched method pottery, marble cutting and sculpting, wood carving, cross stitching embroidery and textile weaving, goldsmithing and silversmithing - reform a whole universe of jewellery: architectural, minimal, natural, organic, traditional, colourful even edible: what exactly is representing the Psyche of the Nation and its social counterpoint. TÓPOS  is a hospitable area of high velocity, also a creative process of deep awareness revealing history and histories - from traditions to futuramas, by producing unique jewellery and ceramics, about to stir the collectively conscious .

Bellow, from top to bottom: Drossia Galimana, "Mastic Tears Are Forever" (detail): mastic wood and mastic drops rings and pendants. Eugenia Feroussi, "Body:The Endelecheia of a Moment": cycladic marble pendants. Evi Borbadonaki, "The Sea": bronze, acrylics and pigments pendants, ring and bracelet. Fotini Lyra, "Crossroads":  goldplated silver brooch. Katerina Latoufi, "Reflections": jewellery vessels by hand-built stoneware glazed clay 1230⁰. Anastasia Manesi, "Timeline": mixed-media, bronze brooch.

Get ready for a free crash-course about creativity in Greece now, with the help of design and crafts - only that there is no class, teacher, pressure, administration, preconceptions and prejudices, among other "greek clichés".
Enjoy to the max!-))

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Friday, 13 October 2017


Image above: a cave-extension for a contemporary residence of the 21st century, with geothermal heating and latest, transparent solar panel energy supply, plus lake water filtering and recycling. Interiors clockwise: RISE TABLE by Nobel Truong (USA), BLUE FROG colored porcelain sculpture by Maritsa Travlos (Greece), CINCO CHAIR by Francisco Guerra (Mexico), BENDAY CLOCK by Sono Vako (USA), auxiliary natural gas firesource by Rocky Mountain Air (Canada) along with a geothermal heat pump, TAI PING CARPET by Rodolfo Agrella (Venezuela), TUVALIE throws by Ikea, TIPO ÚTIL®. TRANS_FORMA marble lavatory by Teresa Mulet (Venezuela).

The holistic approach to the new post-factual modernity, demands total incorporation of available natural resources on the global trend map. The beyond-mix-and-match concepts and solutions of designers evolving from every corner of the American continent, consist of a necessity imposing new aesthetics, that appear a normality to the current, intense, socio-economical panorama. America - from the U.S, such as New York and Miami to Venezuela and from Canada to Mexico - demonstrates a far cry for total remodeling of contemporary interiors. The long tradition of the American "nature" residence, celebrated in Clodagh designs or/and Barbara D'Arcy interiors in the 70's Bloomingdale - is  reinterpreted in an era that materials are scarce, societies are toxic and design is forced to be not as playful as before but a reliable testimony for sustainability and quality living. The image of the "Rebellious New Rustic" is forthcoming and has an odour of (ancient) rocks, artiCrafts, r(A)gs, solar Blades, Running waters and clean air conditions. The recent SaloneSatellite 2017 during Salone del Mobile 2017, recapitulated this reality in design, together with the manifested examples of the institution's 20 years Collection.

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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Up-Close and Freshly Seasonal: the Transformation of (New?) U.S Architecture and other News...

Photo above: American Architecture Awards 2017: Gemma Private Observatory, Central New Hampshire, U.S.A by Anmahian Winton Architects (AW), Cambridge, Massachusetts. (photos are courtesy of Athenaum Museum of Architecture and Design, for the full list of the winners please visit

American Apparel re-started producing in Honduras after the legendary urban clothing company ceased activity in its sweatshop-free, downtown-L.A premises, and Chanel is setting a New Image in the midst of Post-factual Era: the real, complete first name of the founder Coco Chanel, Gabrielle is dominating a long-awaited campaign that is targeted at the uneasy and sensitive spirit of the contemporary woman: a fighter and a doubter.

What about architecture then? There is definitely a feeling of existential crisis at a time when architects are violently tested in order to answer to design challenges through extreme climate conditions and limited resources. The big and fierce dynamics of contemporary American architecture, is depicted lavishly in the American Architecture Awards 2017 (an Athenaum Museum of Architecture and Design institution)- and illustrated a tendency which is absolutely NOT based on the notion of "less-is-more". The variety and richness of the materials in abundance, the concentration on the private, but nevertheless extra-large spaces, the hyper-specification on personal comfort and the subbtle yet grandiose luxury aesthetics- indicate a continuity of the all-time classic American values and no serious contradictions to the system, in the form of innovations. In other words there is nothing there we have not experienced before, allthough the projects are entirely fascinating and engage the citizen to an idealization of comfort and beauty inside public buildings, private interiors, big houses and vast residences. Bellow: Overlook, Guest House in Los Gatos, California by the San Fransisco-based studio Schwartz and Architecture (SaA).

Web Summit 2017 is less than 2-months away and A4D-D4A is getting ready to capture the ideas of the most influential speakers, the top revolutionary apps, the crackiest start-ups and the pulse of the city of Lisbon design community and landmarks. If you have any queries regarding the event planning please check the latest updates and book your tickets on:

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Sunday, 30 July 2017

.....And More Summer News!: Part C.

Image above: Villa doll house designed by Fabio Novembre for Kartell Kids, Kartell Contamination concept, Salone del Mobile, 2017.

To all design globetrotters outhere: here what's left to schedule this summer for your country-hop, around the most utterly exciting design-related events  about to pop the upcoming months.

1. D Museum in Seoul launches this September the exhibition PLASTIC FANTASTIC in collaboration with Kartell. 40 mega-designers present through their works for the house the metamorphosis of the most ambivalent, ambiguous, ingenious and resistent material of the last 70 years and certainly the unique way Kartell illustrates all its properties, qualities and poetry. The duration of the exhibition will be  from the 14th of September 2017 until the 4th of March 2018. (More info on

2. From Wednesday 11th to Saturday 14th of October 2017, Salone del Mobile moves to Moscow for the I Saloni Worldwide series at Crocus-Expo 2 center. It is the annual, usual meeting of two of the most significant forces of European design, the italian contemporary production and the Russian (new) avant-garde. The show will provide many further attractions, (apart the anchorage to its mother event, Salone del Mobile 2017 in Milan), such as Master Classes with leading designers and architects like Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda (curators of the DeLightFul Exhibition at this year's Salone), legendary architect Massimo Iosa Ghini and also Cristina Celestino, one of the SaloneSatellite prominent new talents. Speaking of the SaloneSatellite, the 13th edition of SaloneSatellite Worldwide Moscow will be held again to discover and nominate as passionately as ever, the best new designers, originated from the vast soviet territory and eventually distribute awards to the three finalists (follow the link bellow to last year's entry and winner, super-talented Natalie Musorina and her showstopper, "Torsion" chair, ).

3. Fancy a stroll up in Londinium? Two major design exhibitions are taking place in the British capital: Franco Grignani: Art as Design, 1950-1990 at the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art presents the influential works of this Italian pioneer graphic designer and artist, creator of the "Woolmark" international logo. California: Designing Freedom at the Design Museum is documenting the exciting evolution of the refreshed, hippy modernism of the 60's to the tech extreme design elite of the Silicon Valley. A true cultural rollercoaster....

4. Some more happy news arrived from the Migliore + Servetto headquarters: the lighting system designed for the new Mondadori Megastore I-MESH lightweight diffuser ceilings, has been awarded the silver medal in the product design category of IDA - International Design Award. Congrats Migliore + Servetto!

Stay tuned for more news and ventures on our behalf, by mid-September!
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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Summer News 2017: Part B.

Image above: WOOGY doghouse (2015, manufacturing kkervvit): design by Sotiris Lazou at the Good Ντιζάιν Greece Exhibition 2017 until 23/7/2017, at Contemporary Space Athens, GR.

Explore the very latest design developments as stated in the following extracts of the first official summer press release by Salone del Mobile Milan team. It seems that the eco-living and the sustainable design methodologies that go with it, consist the very core interest of the Milanese design center, an international streamliner of the defining solutions in the sector, for the rest of the decade, to say the least.

"... It is part of a wider trend towards cutting adverse effects on the eco-system and is slowly filtering through into all fields of design application, generating eco-friendly alternatives for every sort and kind of product. Thus companies and designers are becoming mindful of sustainability in relation to manufacturing processes, embracing the principles of a circular economy and experimenting with raw materials made from recycled waste. The design sector is beginning to take the entire lifecycle of things into consideration, paving the way for innovative practices such as the creative re-use or harnessing of biodegradable materials. ..."

"...this approach entails no sacrifice in terms of looks but generates new expressive trends and different tastes. The sense of gratification or aspiration no longer derives simply from the immediate benefit to our domestic or work environments but also – looking forward especially – from just how much the entire planet is set to benefit. ..."  

"...The Zero Waste philosophy originated in the Food world, where new “surplus” yet still perfectly good food consumption sales models and practices are being generated. The concept is slowly but steadily being embraced by all manufacturing sectors in response to the pressing ethical need to conserve resources that are far from infinite. It also employs a panel of Opinion Leaders, both national and international, selected ad hoc for their knowledge of the research subjects (design, architecture, interior design, interior architecture) and for their ability to take a crosscutting look at the themes of design and creativity.   
The scope of observation includes all the leading international markets (Europe, Russia, USA and Asia) with a focus on “developing” countries such as China.   
In the design world, this means taking on board the concept of circularity, minimising manufacturing waste, and planning not just the durability of objects but also their disassemblability and their capacity to be recycled or disposed of...."

The coming together of recycling and design is informed by the increasing awareness that materials and objects destined for the waste bin can be upcycled to produce something completely different.    
The concept of waste as a resource forms the basis for all creative recycling  processes. Poor materials, reclaimed materials and waste generated by manufacturing or consumption mark a new frontier for design and for designers who seek to upgrade them creatively while effectively helping to protect the ecosystem.   

Turning things that would otherwise be discarded into items of value - financial, formal and functional – helps increase the utilisation efficiency of available resources and provide a further spur to developing new technologies and creating new aesthetics through design research. ..."

"...I think that as a designer nowadays we should not think we are all making the antiques of the future […]. We should create products that can be part of a circular system, and are designed considering what material goes into the product and what it leaves  behind after use. (Christien Meindertsma, Designer) ..."

The 3rd Good Ντιζάιν Greece Exhibition 2017 is one of the few, formal presentations of the dominant design scene in the country, steadily revealing a landscape of an emerging Gender in the design concept and manyfacturing: the "greek" way in design -and apparently there is such a way.  The exhibition is held at Contemporary Space Athens premises downtown, supported by The Chicago Athenaum Museum and its Good Design Awards institution and it showcases some of the noteworthy works of hellenic professional designers in fields like Industrial design, Graphic design & Packaging, Furniture design, Textile design, Environmental design & Interior design. You still have a chance to visit the show and get a glimpse of what it means to convey an idea into a commercial design object, under the complicated, yet straightforward theorems of a nation so old, yet striving to surpass the current contemporary esthetics.  
Here's a small taste of some of the projects, (from top to bottom): Space & Time clock by A Future Perfect - "Asola" table lamp by Evangelos Vasileiou for Ligne Roset - 2055 Series door handle by Yannis Georgaras - Popsicle (Glifitzouri) by Danai Kehagia - Sam loves Betty anti-insects biocosmetic formulas by Yannis Ghikas (packaging), Aris Passouris (graphic design).

The first part of midsummer news is over - get ready for more soonish?-)))

Happy designful summer!


Friday, 16 June 2017

Summer News 2017: Part A.

Here is the latest from A4D-D4A favorite fairs, design studios and exhibitions around the globe<3:

1. The recent press release regarding The Salone Awards 2017- edited by the Salone Press Team reports: 
"Salone del Mobile.Milano Award Mark II: The 11 winners of the second edition of the international award, devised by the Salone del Mobile.Milano to give further prominence to the outstanding sectoral exhibits at last April’s 56th edition, have now been announced.
The Salone del Mobile.Milano is repeating last year’s successful first edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano Award, a special prize for the very best showcased by the furnishing and design world at the most recent edition of the fair.
The award is intended to recognise the value of ideas, creativity, innovation and technology that together contrive to make the event the world’s most acclaimed international vehicle for cutting edge design trends and the very latest in home living".

The 11 winners, as presented by category- are for this year:

-Best Product – Workplace3.0: Io.T / studio Gtp and Tecno
-Best Product – Euroluce: Filo / Andrea Anastasio / Foscarini
-Best Product – xLux: D.Vision3 / Ferruccio Laviani / F.lli Boffi
-Best Product – Classic: Black & White Collection / Provasi
-Best Display: Flos / Calvi Brambilla
-Best Product – Furnishing: Pack / Francesco Binfare / Edra
-Best Emerging Designer: Elena Salmistraro
-Best Designer: Philippe Starck
-Lifetime Achievement Award: Ernesto Gismondi
-Special Jury Prize: Marva Griffin
-Special Banca Intesa Sanpaolo Prize (institutional partner Salone del Mobile.Milano): De Castelli

Hail, hail to the choice of winners- we are anxious to receive next year's third edition of the Salone Awards!


We have already mentioned the event in our 20th of April 2017 related post- but here a small taste of the fantastic photos realized by Mario Grisolli:  Steve Jobs o visionario: the state-of-the-art exhibition designed by Migliore + Servetto, held in Rio de Janeiro already and re-opened on 15th at the MIS in San Paolo, (with an inauguration on 14th of June).

The exhibition project- conceived by Migliore+Servetto Architects is created and produced by Fullbrand and curated by Cecilia Botta at the Pier Mauà in Rio de Janeiro and then at the MIS in San Paolo -"builds a path of knolewdge structured in narrative cells which allow the visitor from time to time to establish a new relationship with the contents of the exhibition".

..."Faced with such a complex and multi-faceted personality, we conceived the set up as the sum of eight environments which are  very different  one to another, designed in order to let the visitor get closer to each theme in a unique and engaging way.”... 
Ico Migliore + Mara Servetto.


Fancy a stroll up in U.K this September? In the Cambridge Home + Garden Show some of our most cherished designers and manufacturers will be there not only to exhibit but to host and sponsor customer centered, support events, guiding through the visitors with essential, personalized consultation for their OWN house design- like the Ask Me Anything service sponsored by Mineheart! Be there and get the advice you need for re-designing your residence, by the very best in the trade!!!


Stay tuned for the announcement of the A4D-D4A new design seminars and webinars, soon to be launched?-))) We promise some super exciting series of knowledgeable, intense, updated and innovative design lectures and workshops, custom made to the Future NOW. 
Until then,

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Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Image above: Let It Shine necklace by Sara Chyan, (matches, acrylic board, resin), Inter-Secting Spaces exhibition during the 2nd Athens Jewelry Week 2017 at the Benaki Museum of Decorative Arts and Crafts (Peiraios annex), May 2017, Athens, Greece. Organization/ Coordination: Anticlastics (Anastasia Kandaraki, Erato Kouloubi and Niki Stylianou).

Hear the accoustic description for our central picture by clicking on the link:

The 2nd Athens Jewelry Week 2017 ignited this year something bigger than just the ambition of a Cosette-type small country to just carry the burdensome backet of the European South, next to its contemporary jewelry almighty simblings, for instance Spain and Italy. There is a tsunami of creative forms of jewelry in the city of Athens, a real host of the craft the last 40 years, pregnant with a fascinating, quiet scene of designers/makers - almost entirely unattended by the state institutions like the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth, the Ministry of Education and other relevant state organizations and guilds. 
The Benaki Museum of Decorative Arts and Crafts in Greece provided, like in numerous cases, the stage and the in-depth knowhow of a complex field like contemporary jewelry, alongside with the organizational and promotional expertise of the skillful Anticlastics team- for the first concrete contemporary jewelry international exhibition in the Greek capital: Inter-Secting Spaces, within the AJW 2017 other parallel events and manifestations. The exhibition showcases 29 designers/artists who also contested for the 2nd AJW Award 2017, renown contemporary jewelry presences in the AJW 2017 Jury list, the video narrative Meta; Morphosis: A Dream Trip Through Jewelry by Kostas Pittas projecting the essence of the portfolios, a project of children's jewelery and jewelry "games" in order for the visitor to comprehend and perceive the art form of an ancient technology and the intense, intellectual procedure of adornment making.

In the photos bellow, from top to bottom: the craking works (neck pieces) of three legendary artists jewelers, also members of the AJW 2017 Award Jury, Lucia Massei, Sofia Björkman and Tanel Veenre. In the last photo the jewelry project of talented 10-year old Raphael Kasteroudis, one of the highlights of the exhibition.

In the core of the exhibition, 29 Greek and international contemporary jewelry designers/makers/artists inter-sected their diverse perspectives with elaborate techniques, imaginative materials and a strong political vision. Aesthetics is politics and wearable items employ a political statement AND a visual impact of high caliber. Beauty is a result of this process but not a sole indicator of the project value and of its gravity- a project that reflects a huge artistic and technical importance, far and away from common curatorial theory and practice. Enjoy in the pictures bellow, from top to bottom, some of the 29-team key presences: 
The 29 Exhibitors' List - AJW 2017 Award Winner, Turkish Snem Yildirim with her pendant Seven In a Row - JOYA 2016 Winner Liana Pattihis with the pendant Offerings (Tamata) - Angelos Konstantakatos with Hidden Perspectives brooch - Sol Flores with Plane brooch - Iryna Voitenko with Subtle Truth necklace - Martina Dempf with Palmyra brooch - Isabelle Busnel with Untitled 2 and 3 brooches - Christine Jalio with Past-Loss-Future series (pendant and brooch) - Kätrin Beljaev with Companion 2 and 3 pendants - Yiota Vogli with Keep it Safe pendant and pair of earrings - Georgia Gremouti with brooches from Molecular Corpus Colonies and Germination Phase series - Magali Thibault Gobeil with Candy Baby Doll necklace.  

May this new, long awaited amazing initiative continue for many years to come. We are looking forward to AJW 2018 already....Until then, wear it- don't fear it!!!